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March 26, 2011

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Our healing depends upon our willingness.  I’m so grateful that I realized this.  For SO many years I begged and prayed to end the suffering I was experiencing, but I really wasn’t very willing to accept the healing and make the shift into wholeness.  My prayers were answered when I saw how UNwilling I was – I felt the impetus to shift my mind, to receive the healing, to embody the healing, which also means to consciously intend to release the habit of blocking the healing and continuing to play small.

There can be tremendous resistance.  When we let go of the blocks we are choosing to be more responsible and stop blaming others for how we feel and how our life is.  We cannot blame others and be spiritually mature.  We all grow and develop compassion through our experiences of playing at being a victim.  We choose victimhood until we are no longer interested in growing through suffering and have decided to take the more direct route that our maturity provides.  When that day arrives it is a day of celebration and healing!  Our willingness has arrived!


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