No small thing

March 22, 2011

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What I see is very common among spiritual seekers is that they think that their own choices, their words, their thoughts and their spiritual practices don’t make that big a difference in the world.  My experience has led me to know, unequivicably that is not true.  Each one of our choices makes a difference and that’s why I feel inspired every day to choose more thoughtfully and remember that it makes a difference to all beings because I’m one with them.

Right now, you can choose to think of what’s happening in Japan, in the Mid-East and other places in the world with love and compassion.  Each time we think of the suffering and the unrest, let us see the healing power of Love moving through us and project that Love from our heart out into the world.  It takes 15 seconds and it makes such a difference.  We bring benefit to others AND we are lifted as well.  All boats rise on this holy tide of Love!


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  1. i am delighted by your blog …
    it’s great to have access to all the prayers
    and more !
    your use of language speaks to my soul
    and echos thru my days
    thank you …
    en plus it will free up a lot of space in my inbox
    where i have been hoarding your daily offerings …

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