Will you be transformed?

March 18, 2011

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Transformation is a powerful form of growth.  Transformation takes what is and lifts it to a new a level of expression.  Sometimes in a relationship with a significant other–a loved one, a co-worker, a neighbor–it feels as though there’s a battle of wills. One person is trying to win more love, more respect, more attention and the other one is not always willing to give it.  Sometimes we want to receive more love, but we’re not willing to give more love.  Sometimes we’re not willing to BE the love that we want to experience.  In that moment we are ripe for transformation!

Rather than be in a struggle for power of some kind, we can invite Divine support in experiencing transformation. When I’ve been in a struggle and I analyze my thoughts I’ve seen that my thoughts are violent and hostile.  This is when I most deeply desire to transform my thinking and my attitudes.

Gandhi said “A nonviolent revolution is not a program for seizure of power. It is a program of transformation of relationships …”

How do I transform my anger and hostility? How do I transform my relationships?  I invite love, the great healer, into my heart, into my mind and I make a holy offering of the habit of trying to work my will.

Today I take a step back from any violent feelings, and know in my heart that peace is what I intend to experience.  Peace is what I intend to reveal.  Respect is what I am willing to give, and true love is my heart’s desire. Simply connecting to my high intention transforms me. Every day I move the world in the direction of peace through my desire to be transformed into a more loving, more respectful person.


Love heals and transforms me.  I am transformed by the renewing of my mind.


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  • this is great jennifer
    i love the new format
    and the blog …
    thankyou for your loving words
    i often find them echoing around
    at random moments …
    they are most welcome !
    shine on

  • Hello Rev. Jennifer,
    I want to share about my experience with the transformation of my marriage to a holy relationship. Last fall we were on the verge of separation. There was just too much unresolved anger and hate in my husband’s heart and it was like living in a cave with no light even though I had forgiven him he still oozed a negative energy that was challenging to live with. When I listened to one of the Mon. calls you focused on the holy relationship and it brought tears to my eyes. I willingly vowed to give it a try and did pray to the Holy Spirit to make our a holy relationship. I prayed just once and left myself open to change what I neede to change to make this thing work. It was even more helll at first and then very soon it all turned around. If I was not living it myself it would have been hard to believe what has happened. My husband is a happy man right now and we haven’t had even a little bump in weeks at this point. It feels so good to life in a peaceful environment at last.
    Thank you Rev. Jennifer for all that you do for us. We are truly one and it is wonderful to know that.
    Love & Hugs to all,

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