Accept the insight!

April 18, 2011

Click here to listen to today’s Daily Power Prayer for Accepting the Insight:

in the last fifteen years or so I’ve become markedly more intuitive. As I’ve let go of the clutter of false beliefs, opinions and judgments in my mind, clear insight and intuition has become more and more available to me. As the years have gone by, I’ve realized that those precious insights and the Divine guidance has been there all along, but I was unwilling to listen to it. I learned the wisdom to pray for willingness and to make that my #1 priority.

I had SO MANY experiences of praying for guidance, but then being unwilling to follow it. Afterwards, I’d feel like a fool and then I’d have to forgive myself both for not listening for the very guidance that asked for as well as forgive myself for judging myself to be a fool. It was a lot of extra work that I made for myself day in and day out.

I began to pray many times a day to have the wisdom to follow the guidance and to stop choosing from the ego, the little self. The more willing I was to be loving no matter what, compassionate no matter what, patient no matter what, kind no matter what, WILLING NO MATTER WHAT, the more I was able to perceive that following the guidance would quickly move me to the highest and best – which included more responsibility in my life. I had been self-sabatoging in order to avoid the expansion into more responsibility. It’s a response-ability to be loving in every moment and I used to feel that was a burden. Now, I see my ability to respond as a gift. It’s so much easier to live this way!. WOO to the HOO!

Be willing to accept, allow and follow your guidance! Be willing to let your opinions and judgments go – peace will follow. All else will be added unto you!

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