Be your true self!

April 7, 2011

Click here to listen to today’s Daily Power Prayer for Being Your True Self:

Being your true self means that people can actually love YOU instead of the appearance of the false you.  If all you ever show people is the person you think they’d like to see, how will you EVER attract someone who really gets you, loves you and can adore you as you are?

It’s so important to be your true self.  Authenticity is such a rare thing.  Anyone who lives authentically is automatically a healing presence.  When you’re being authentic you give people permission to do the same.  Being authentic means also being transparent and coming out of hiding.  It’s impossible to be authentic and transparent and be judgmental.

Being nonjudgmental is the deepest and most transformative spiritual practice I know of.  It will heal your life more quickly than you can even imagine!  Give up your judgments, set yourself free and become a healing presence on the planet!  You don’t need special equipment, you don’t need anyone’s permission, and you don’t need someone to show you how.  Just go for it!  Be your true self and let us love you!!!


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