Devoted to Peace

April 10, 2011

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I used to be devoted to being judgmental.  I really did think that the one who had the most judgments won.  I had the destructive habit of taking offense.  I actually used to look for things that I could be offended by.  I was spiritually immature.  I didn’t know what I was doing.  Truly, I was clueless.  The good news is that my suffering led me to the place of willingness.  I became willing to “get a clue.”  I became willing to surrender my opinions and judgments of how I thought it SHOULD be in order to learn to see that I was creating for myself a life of utter misery.  Whew!

What I discovered was a deep desire in my heart to become devoted to peace.   The teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, and in particular the way he teaches the Buddhist practice of mindfulness became my model for learning to live in peace rather than in the practice of disturbing it.  I exchanged the habit of taking offense for being mindful.  Instead of being vigilant for what wasn’t working I became devoted to peace.

I learned that it is very unkind to my emotional body and my physical body to continuously invite my mind to be upset.  The habit of being upset and taking offense continuously ignites the pain body and suffering is the natural result.  Suffering is optional and I decided to opt out of the habit of creating my own misery and suffering.  It took devotion.  It took intention.  It took willingness.  I learned to focus my mind in a new direction.

I have been amazed at how much more successful I could be than I ever imagined.  Now, I can share this success with you and that is a greater joy than I imagined.  How wonderful!  How amazing!  I’ve discovered that we are born to live a miraculous life and when we allow the miracles they unfold.  If we’re more interested in our judgments and opinions that is our choice.  For myself, I continue to be mindful and to practice my devotion to peace.   For this, I am grateFULL!!!!!

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