Divine Alignment

April 6, 2011

Click here to listen to today’s Daily Power Prayer for Divine Alignment:

Divine alignment requires our willingness. It’s not hard. It’s actually much easier than trying to work your will. Divine alignment is grace FULL. Be willing. Align with Love and discover the miracle that your life is!

Sunday, at Project: Service L.A. we’re watering the seeds of our greatness with music and fellowship, plus I’ll bring a message of inspiration and so will Jesse Brune. If you’d like to meet my precious Dad, Dan Hadley, here’s here visiting from Maine – My Dad’s going to give a short talk as well – so please join us! We’re celebrating today and we’re choosing Love together! Learn more about Project: Service L.A. here: Project: Service L.A. website – be sure to watch our video!


God, love, Surrender

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