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April 26, 2011

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When I tell people that I used to be a mean and angry person they often don’t believe me, but it’s true. I used to be so judgmental. I used to really stir things up everywhere I went. I was always looking for a fight, an argument. I thought my opinions and judgments were what made my life real. I mean it. That’s where I was.

And when I share that with folks who know me now they can’t believe it. They always ask me, “how did you do it? How did you effect this change in your life?” I did it one day at a time, of course – there’s no other way. I did it one choice at a time. And what it really began with is my willingness. I began with being willing to see myself as I truly am, without any negativity – I AM pure Spirit, pure light, pure Love, as we all are. I had to be willing to see beyond my opinions and judgments. I had to be willing to see the beauty and the truth of my being. I had to know I AM worthy of Divine Love – no matter what I’ve done or said or chosen in the past. I am worthy of my own life. I am worthy of the opportunity to be loving that life offers me every moment.

The only way to PROVE my worthiness to myself was to learn to choose love. I started to learn to love myself unconditionally. I set that intention. I held my intention close and I gave it my ATTENTION every day, all day long, to the best of my ability. And the door began to open, I could see inside the life of Love that was MY life to live and I began to be more interested in that than anything else. I decided to fully participate in my own life. I decided to fully engage my own mind and give up the blame and shame.

This is my life’s work: uncovering my own holiness. For this I was born. And so are you. Start where you are. Seek the Kingdom first and ALL ELSE will be shown to you, added unto you and provided. It’s true. Hold my hand. Let’s walk together on this journey of wholeness.

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