Honor your feelings!

April 17, 2011

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I am so very grateful that my spiritual practice revealed to me that my thoughts cause my feelings and not the other way around.  I used to think that my feelings were creating the train of thought.  I used to believe that if I felt sad or angry that those feelings would then spiral out to create a train of thought that was painful.  Now I can see that it’s the other way around.  Any discordant thought will create some degree of emotional and physical upset.  And I’m SO GRATEFUL!

I’m grateful that anytime I actively choose to invest my precious energy into a thought that is destructive, unharmonious – a thought of being separate or wanting to separate – that the Divine Alarm Clock within will begin to go off.  That Divine Alarm Clocks IS my emotional and physical body.  The more intensely I believe something that’s not true the more upset I’ll be.  That’s such good news because I can choose which thoughts to think and which thoughts to believe.  If it feels sickening it must not be true!  Whew!  Our Higher Holy Spirit Self will not let us think a false thought and not send some indicator that we’ve consciously chosen to align with a lie.  Yay!

I’ve learned to be so grateful for my feelings.  Of course I honor them.  They are Spirit in me reminding me to choose again and to choose truth in order to return to peace.  It’s not always easy, but with commitment and devotion I’ve been able to bring my mind to peace!  Go for it!  Honor your feelings!

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