How about a fresh start?

April 29, 2011

Click here to listen to today’s Daily Power Prayer for Fresh Start:

Spirit is always new, always fresh.  Spirit hold nothing against us and invites us to begin again in every moment, but we forget that.

I used to be such a grudge holder.  Perhaps it’s part of my Irish heritage.  I love my Irish heritage and it’s a fact, some cultures are more prone to holding resentments and grudges.  I’m here to help release that.  I used to be such a good grudge holder, but now I’m not interested in investing myself in that.  The dividends are only pain and suffering and I’ve had enough of self-inflicted suffering to last me for all eternity.

I made a habit of giving myself a fresh start every day, all day long.  It’s my practice of compassion that makes it possible.  Compassion is love in the form of understanding.  Love is the only true healer.  Love heals and makes all things possible.  I replaced the habit of resenting with being compassionate.  I love the fruit it bears.

There are so many ways I used to play small and hold myself back in order to invest myself in feeling upset.  I’m so grateful to give myself the gift of freedom!  Join me today and make a fresh start!  If you’d like extra support – scroll down and check out my STOP PLAYING SMALL Tele-class that starts May 7.

To support you I’ve created A Course In Miracles Pledge at facebook – I invite you to please join us, like the page and download your copy of the ACIM Pledge – commit to reading it morning and eve. Please also share the A Course In Miracles Pledge at facebook – on the lower left of the page you can make it one of your favorites and then share it on your wall – let your friends know – let’s do this together in partnership and fellowship! Say yes!

Sunday, at Project: Service L.A. we’re watering the seeds of our greatness with inspiring music and fellowship, plus I’ll bring a message of inspiration and so will Jesse Brune. We’re celebrating today and we’re choosing Love together! Learn more about Project: Service L.A. here: Project: Service L.A. website – be sure to watch our video!


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