Trust in the Divine!

April 28, 2011

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One of the most powerful turns I’ve taken in my life was when I decided to develop what I called “radical trust.”  What happened was, in my meditation practice, I awoke to an insight that was so powerful – of course it had been there all along, waiting for me, but I hadn’t been available to receive it and now, finally, I was willing.  The insight was about the difference between trust and faith, and it truly changed my life.

Now, of course it wasn’t the realization that changed my life – it was my practical application of the realization – and that is what I teach in all my classes.  I offer the day to day tools and practices that I have used to pull myself up out of my misery and into the light of joy, peace and freedom, for real.

My faith is my knowledge of my Divinity.  It was always there underneath all the doubts and fears that I chose to believe in.  In fact, I discovered that fear and worry is, in effect, investing my belief in a negative power.  Fear is the RESULT of choosing to trust in my own opinions and judgments rather than trust in the Divine.

I am the keeper of my trust.  And when I realized that in order to liberate myself from the illusion of separation I absolutely HAD to develop the habit of placing my trust in the Divine, replacing the habit of thinking my judgments and opinions were right, I got busy.  I made a profound and liberating commitment to myself to develop what I called RADICAL TRUST in the Divine.

Of course, immediately I had opportunities to do just that.  How perfect!  I got my mind-retraining started off with a bang!  I didn’t cave.  I held strong and TA-DA!  My life revealed a hidden splendor that has continued to expand in my mind and now I get to share that with you.  Now, I never ever worry.  I have no doubt.  I live by faith.  You can too!

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