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April 20, 2011

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I’m a rocker.  I’m such a rocker!  I enjoy almost all kinds of music, but I’m a Rock ‘n’ Roll girl.  My friend and cohort, Jesse Brune, introduced me to an artist named Adele – I absolutely LOVE her song Rolling in the Deep.  Like any truly great rocker, Adele is writing songs from her own life and experience.  You can feel her heart open up and she smears it across every note and lyric in her songs.  Like me she loves the basics of a strong insistent drum, piano with a bit of honky tonk and guitars that scream and drive the song home.  SOOOOOOO GOOD!

Listening to Adele, I’m reminded how much I love a good rock song that really takes you somewhere – it sucks you in and leaves you in a different space from where you started.  The challenge for me these days is I no longer enjoy listening to the sad songs, the victim songs, the angry, mad at you, hate myself and the world songs.

I used to allow myself to get carried away with the emotions of the songwriter, but now, if it’s not about compassion, if it’s not about healing, if it’s not about peace, love and understanding, then I am very careful about allowing it into my vibration.   What I love about Adel’s song Rolling in the Deep is that she sings about the fire in her heart bringing her out of the dark.  She’s processing her feelings, she’s releasing the dream of the “special relationship” and the fantasy of perfect love.  She’s working it through, and you can feel that, even though she’s not there yet and there are still some opinions and judgments to be released.

What I’ve learned is that I especially need to be careful what I listen to early in the morning and late at night when my heart and mind are most open and receptive – right after waking and before going to sleep at night – those two hours are golden and we need to be mindful.  My body is a temple and so is my mind.  Whether I’m are eating something or listening to it, the vibration of it is what I’m really taking in. Is this something I really value?

Be very careful what you listen to.  Your mind is precious.  Remember Dr. Emoto’s work: Messages In Water – if you enjoy listening to the songs of the hurt, angry, victim, consider what impact that’s making on your mind, your heart, your Spirit, and every cell and fiber of your body?  If you’re listening to the songs of shame and blame, won’t that increase your discomfort and prolong your healing?  Why do that to yourself?  Would you let someone else do that to you?

It’s time for us to pay attention to EVERYTHING and really value ourselves.  That’s what true excellence is.  Valuing your life.  After all, we are light, we are vibration, and it’s time for us to rise above the density of the past and live in the high vibration of LOVE that is now!

Take a listen to Adele’s song Rolling In The Deep click here

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