May 4, 2011

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The illusion is that transformation is hard.  Well, I can honestly say that I have been in HARDCORE transformation off and on for many years.  And, looking back on the last 25 years or so I can tell you that what’s really hard is staying stuck.  What’s really difficult is resisting the soul’s impetus for transformation.  What is excruciatingly painful is being reluctant to take the very steps I’m being guided to take.  What hurts more than anything else is choosing, day after day to stay stuck in believing I am limited, that I don’t have, that I want, and I need and I don’t know how.  Whew!!!

Transformation requires us to build the muscle of willingness.  There is NO OTHER WAY.  The butterfly has to be willing to break out of the chrysalis.  The bird has to be willing to leave the nest.  Now is the time for us to follow our hearts.  Let us be like the butterfly and the young bird!  Let’s take a chance and venture into what seems unknown – and let us TRUST that no matter where we go, no matter what we do, we are traveling in GOD.  Love has our back.

I choose LOVE and LOVE chooses me!  Bring it!

One way to truly love and honor yourself is to release the habits of playing small. My STOP PLAYING SMALL workshop begins on Saturday, May 7th – 3 tele-classes and you get the downloads so you can re-listen. Details are on the EVENTS page – Register now and join us!

New Video!

I have a new video for you at my YouTube Channel – you’ll see the video where I’m dressed in green – that’s the one! I created this video to share my story with you. Take a look! Please take a moment to write a comment, LIKE the video and SHARE it at facebook, etc. That helps more people to see it and be inspired! Please share what I offer that inspires! Together we’re creating a revolution of inspiration! Watch the video now at my YouTube Channel subscribe to my youtube channel and you’ll know when I post something new!

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