A Holy motivation!

May 5, 2011

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As I am preparing to offer my Stop Playing Small Tele-Class starting on Saturday May 7, I’ve been thinking a lot about Holy Motivation – this is what the class is about, in part.

What I’ve learned over the years is that people don’t do anything without a motivation.  I sure don’t.  I don’t walk to the kitchen for a cup of tea without motivation.  I don’t get out of bed without motivation.  I’ve used Holy and loving motivation to keep me from taking my own life.  I’ve used Holy motivation to inspire me to follow through on the things that will improve my life.  For many people, living the life of their dreams is really a matter of motivation.

What I’ve discovered and practiced for myself is that Holy motivation is always in my heart.  It’s pre-installed.  That Holy motivation is the juice that manifests my Divine Destiny – to deny it is so deeply painful.  There is nothing more painful then praying for guidance and help every day and then consciously choosing to ignore it.  That practice creates such a deep distress and despair.  It creates depression in the mind and suffering in the body.  It’s also a great teacher and motivator.  Many of us must learn about this suffering one way or another, one lifetime or another.  And still – we don’t have to live there and make our home there.  We can choose, at any time, to transcend it.  Our little willingness is all that’s required.

There’s never been more Divine support for us to live our very best life.  There’s never been more of an impetus to make the world a better place through living our life in the best way possible.  The world is calling out for us to renew our minds and live in alignment with the deep desire’s of our heart.  You can answer that call!

Let’s do it together!  Let’s begin today.  Ask yourself, if you knew it would be fully funded and supported by the Infinite, what is the Spiritual quality that you’d most like to represent in the world?  Love? Compassion? Abundance? Wholeness? Harmony? Creativity? Freedom? Wisdom? Constancy? Joy?

Instead of trying to figure out how, simply decide to BE it. Cultivate the willingness in the small moments and invoke the Divine to show you HOW.  You WILL be shown.  I guarantee it!  How cool is that?

One way to receive support is to enroll in my STOP PLAYING SMALL Tele-class which begins on Saturday, May 7th – 3 tele-classes and you get the downloads so you can re-listen. Details are on the EVENTS page – Register now and join us!

New Video!

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