Awakening from the dream of suffering!

May 28, 2011

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The Buddha said, “life is suffering.”  The Dalai Lama said, “Suffering is Optional.”  These two statement might seem incongruent, but they are in perfect alignment.  We awaken from the dream of suffering and remember our unlimited, unprecedented nature when we learn to focus on Love.  Love IS wisdom.  Wisdom IS Love.

In order to awaken from the dream of suffering we must be willing to LOVE fully and be generous.  Be generous with appreciation.  Go out of your way to tell someone you are grateful to know them.  Be willing to cross the room to tell someone you like their shoes or their smile.  FOR GOD’S SAKE release the habit of withholding and share the LOVE with your brothers and sisters.  That is the fast path to awakening from suffering.

In my life experience, I’ve known many people who, no matter how much they liked me, still preferred not to hug me.  They simply said “I’m not a hugger.”  They weren’t comfortable.  And I understand that.  There’s NOTHING wrong with that.  I also notice that every single one of them was intensely struggling with financial woes.  They appeared to be unreceptive in many areas of their life.

I believe we’re born to become excellent at both giving and receiving Love.  That’s what sharing is.  That’s what teaching is.  That’s what we are here to DO.  That is the only DOING that is really important.  BE the Love and share it.

I tell myself to “go forth and multiply the awareness of Love.”  Every day I see more clearly that the dream is just a dream and I am interested in experiencing the dream where I am an excellent giver and receiver of LOVE.  And so it is!  Amen!


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