Best Mother’s Day Gift EVER!

May 8, 2011

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What’s the best gift you can give to your Mom on Mother’s Day?  Forgiveness.  This I know for sure.

For 47 years my precious Mother and I were challenged to find peace in our relationship.  My Mom had a difficult relationship with her Mother and she was very keen on having a good relationship with me, and yet we often fought and bickered and snapped at each other.  Afterward we would both feel guilty and hurt and disappointed.  It felt like an endless cycle – even though it was getting easier and more loving between us all the time, it was so challenging for both us.

We could hardly have a conversation where we didn’t get triggered.  Then we’d always feel so disappointed in ourselves and in each other.  Ugh.  It seemed endless.  It felt like we’d never get to that place of total unconditional love.

Finally I decided to give myself no wiggle room.  I decided to give up ALL judgments against Mother AND against myself.  I released us both.  I refused to energize the negativity.  I gave up the right to complain.  I gave up the right to judge.  I gave up the right to harbor resentment.  I gave up the right to manipulate her.  I gave up the right to make her feel guilty or ashamed.  I gave up the right to think I knew anything about her except that I was One with her eternally.

I worked that practice backwards and forwards and upside down! It was like an Olympic Marathon!  I was determined and I was clear.  I had one goal in my relationship and that was Peace and Perfect Love.  I put my TRUST in the Divine’s ability to do the healing and I went for it!  I took total responsibility for our relationship, in that I gave it ALL to our own Holiness to do the heavy lifting.

It took a couple of years for me to really be 100% willing all the time, but eventually I had a total healing in my heart.  I literally had an amazing, instantaneous healing experience and I felt the shift in my Mother too.  The healing was total.  The Oneness really works when you work it!  For the rest of her life, and for the rest of mine, we have perfect Love.

My Mother made her transition in 2008.  I’m so grateful that we had our healing.  We had many months of enjoying that perfect Love together.  Even though she experienced a long and painful transition, through it all we had that perfect Love to teach us that joy is not conditional, not based in circumstances.  And I learned that my little willingness is all that’s required in every moment of every day.  Never again will I think I need to manipulate things in the world of form to have Peace  in my mind and my heart.  With my Mom’s help, I learned that it is my faith, and only my faith, that made me whole.

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