Divine Order

May 9, 2011

Click here to listen to today’s Daily Power Prayer for Divine Order:

Life is so simple, and the mind can make it SO complicated with our opinions and judgments.  People can completely distort everything with a few quick judgments.  One of the most challenging lessons for me to learn was that Divine Order is ALWAYS revealing itself in everything all of the time.

If I think that what IS or what WAS should not be then I am basically saying that I would like to be the God of my little separate world where I am the one who decides what Divine Order is.  Since I cannot see through all directions of time and space, how can I really know what Divine Order is and what it looks like?  The very best that I can do is be willing to accept the blessing that is in my experience.  It is this willingness that opens the door to truly receiving the answered prayer.

Without the willingness to see Divine Order in everything you will never live in harmony with what is.  If you judge that Divine Order is wrong or that it doesn’t exist, or that there’s a glitch in the system you will always live in the suffering of your mind.  You’ve suffered enough!  Today be willing to let God be God  and accept the gift that is in your challenges.  Move out of your own way.  The blessing is ALWAYS available if you will receive it with an open heart.   Your good is always unfolding now.

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