Harmony is constant

May 14, 2011

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The spiritual qualities of life are always active and harmony is one of them.  You know you are in the flow of the All Good when you feel harmonious.  If you choose to think a thought of judgment and attack you will immediately block your experience of the omnipresent, omniactive spiritual quality of harmony.

It’s not rocket science.  If you’re choosing to think negatively about someone or something, how could you ever experience the positive flow of harmony that is constant?  If your attention is on thinking that something is not as it “should” be (in your exalted opinion), then how can you ever be at peace with what IS?

If you are in judgment, then what IS happening is you are missing the opportunity to be a dynamic expression of Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony, Abundance and all of the other spiritual qualities that are available for you to represent, express and embody.  This moment will never come again.  Choose peace.  Choose now.  Share the benefits of your loving choice with all of your brothers and sisters for you are one with them.  This is my practice in every moment.

Be willing to live in the moment and if you feel disturbed, upset, afraid, that is the clue that you have chosen to judge.  Your upset is telling you that you must not have chosen Love.  Forgive yourself for judging and disturbing your peace.  Choose again.  Rather than blame someone else, simply choose again.  Be willing to change your mind, and choose again.  Your happiness depends up on it.

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