Holy Relationship

May 10, 2011

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Spiritual seekers who don’t walk their talk in their relationships choose a life of suffering.  I’ve seen it over and over again.  For some people, their relationships are a source of great difficulty, confusion and distress.  I used to feel that way.  It felt so hard to be in relationship of any kind.  Even friendships felt so challenging.

Finally I woke up and realized that my relationships were so intensely challenging because I was saying that my love was unconditional, but it sure wasn’t.  I was always reserving the right to judge.  In holding those judgments I wasn’t walking my talk.  The distress of saying one thing and doing another was shattering me emotionally, physically and mentally.  I was always in a spiritual upset.  Until I decided to simply walk my talk.

On my Monday A Course in Miracles calls we have talked SO many times about the healing of relationship issues.  People have written to me time and again that they have had deep healing because they took to heart the teachings we discussed in those calls.  They took them to heart and they made changes in the way they lived.  They developed a deep commitment to Love.

Love is the great healer.  Love is the only healer there is.  If you’d like healing – look for ways to express Love.  It’s never about rearranging the deck chairs.  It’s always only about aligning your heart with Love itself.  You were born to be an expression of Love.  If you deny it you will always feel out of place and distressed.  If you align, you will always feel that you are in the right place at the right time and be grateful for that.    You choose.  You decide.  Decide this day whom you will serve – Love or ego.   Get into a relationship with your Higher Holy Spirit Self and let the Holy Spirit do the heavy lifting.  Your little willingness is all that’s required today.

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