Love Transcends

May 31, 2011

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So often in my life I’ve tried to control and manipulate circumstances to be what I think they SHOULD be.  I’ve had so many experiences of what I now call “pushing density.”  The world of time and space, the world of form, (what A Course in Miracles calls the Illusion), has such a feeling of density to it.  We can try and try to work our will, but it never EVER satisfies.

When the going gets tough, the wise surrender their little will and align with Divine Will. That is the true nature of success!

We’ve all had so much experience of “trying without succeeding.”  Sometimes the greatest gift we can give ourselves is to give up, exhausted.  In that exhaustion and giving up, we can find, at long last, a sense of spiritual surrender.  I learned that surrendering my little will, and stepping into Spirit’s big willingness is the shift that leads me to transcendence.

It is so much easier to transcend a problem then trying to push through it and work my will. When I rise above the limited view there is no problem at all. The only problem I think there is that I think I’m separate from the good of life.  I AM One so how can I be separate except in my own perception?

Changing my mind about my mind is the swiftest way to experiencing the flow of Love.   By aligning with Love and being grateful for the learning that is available right now, you can let go of you judgments and opinions and begin to see from a higher point of view.  You can stop trying to succeed and move into the success that Love is. Through shifting your mind you bring forth a new experience.  It works every time.

Love and gratitude – this is the practice that allows us to transcend the limiting habits of pushing and trying and working our will. Phew!  Every moment gives us the opportunity to Partner UP and begin again.  For this, I am so grateful!


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