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May 18, 2011

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Spirit is always new.  Every day offers us the opportunity to leave the past behind.  What many of us do instead, unwittingly, is drag the past with us and then it feels like we’re stuck in a rut that we cannot escape.  If we’re dragging the past hurt with us through choosing to revisit it in our mind, day in and day out – if that’s the thing we’re primarily interested in, then OF COURSE we’re going to feel as though it’s inescapable.  We’re choosing to keep it close at hand.

This is how I learned to say to myself “I’m not interested in that anymore.  I’m interested in Love.  I am profoundly interested in the good that this new moment offers me.  I am a creature of love and light and that is ALL I’m interested in.”  Using that phrase to turn away from the past, sometimes HUNDREDS of times a day, gave me a fresh start in each moment.  I finally became TRULY interested in the opportunity that was in the moment for me.  I became focused on living as Love.  I became devoted to being a loving presence in my own life.  I became so disinterested in the past.  I decided to learn to live beyond precedent.

I am so grateful for my life now.  Where I felt limitation, now I feel the joy of being in the flow of the ALL GOOD.  Start today. Make a fresh start.  Only you can decide what you are interested in.

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