Release, Resolve, Dissolve

May 21, 2011

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I intend to release any resistance I have to living the fullest expression of my highest possibility.  I used to notice that I often have strong resistance to the very things I desire.  Why do I resist?  I’ve learned that ‘why’ is rarely the best question.  Often asking “why?” is an indicator that I’m feeling like a victim.  I am not a victim of life’s circumstances.  I AM that I AM.

It is better for me to ask, “what do I resist?”  The answer is always, I am resisting being my true self, pure Spirit.  I resist going where I have not gone before because some part of me can sense that there will be times of great discomfort and complete unknowing despite my deep faith in God.  I am releasing the thought of separation as I discover my true identity.  Sometimes I think I resist out of the habit of resisting.  This is where I need to place my attention on my intention to live AS Love.

Resistance is one of the biggest blocks people have to living the life they want.  The resistance I experience is often subconscious, I’m not really aware of it, although I feel its effects.  It is my job to do my own work, to notice the resistance and release it.

I intend to release my attachment to the past.  People ask me, what is the difference between a Spiritual Practitioner and a traditional therapist?  A psychologist is often more focused on how did you get where you are, and as a spiritual therapist I’m focused on where do you INTEND to go and who do you need to BE to get there.  I know that the past can be healed in a nanosecond and that understanding exactly how we arrived where we are, while often interesting and also useful, is not necessary to healing.  Release is the key.  Partner UP with the Higher Holy Spirit Self.  Release the need to figure out how you got into this mess.  Have clear intention of how you’d like to feel.  Affirm how you intend to BE in your life.

Applying my conscious mind to the task of releasing the resistance in my subconscious works. My mind is the most powerful tool I have.  For this I use prayer, meditation, affirmations and I anchor myself in gratitude.  No one else can do this work for me.  I must do it.  This is the only way.  I will not let resistance deter me.  It is the friend that motivates me to find my strength.  I place my faith in the Oneness of all life that supports my intention to be clear and fulfill my purpose.

A Sufi proverb says, “When the heart weeps for what it has lost, the spirit laughs for what is found.” Today I look back on how far I have come during my practice of LOL (Loving Out Loud). I release the idea of the weight of my past. I release all judgments of myself and others. I release any thoughts of what can’t be done and replace them with affirmations of what I’m choosing.  Through my active practice of Love, all are lifted.  All boats rise on this Holy tide of Love and I am living my life purpose to its fullest!
I invite you to Partner UP with the Higher Holy Spirit Self.   I invite you to participate in this Living A Course in Miracles Tele-class with me. 7 authors and teachers and I are sharing with you what we know works to transform your life. Our gifts are practical, helpful tips and tools that you can use every day. I’ve used them to completely change my life. I know this works. Students in my classes who apply them know they work. The entire class is completely free to you. The one thing we cannot give you is the willingness to participate and the willingness to be intentional. However, we can give you 48 hours to listen to each class and encourage you to invite a friend, a family member, a co-worker to participate with you. Most people can cultivate their willingness where two or more are gathered. Be in it to win it and you will. Spirit cannot fail!

Free Living A Course in Miracles Tele-class

We’re off to a wonderful start with this Tele-class! I am thrilled! You can listen to every single one of these classes for 48 hours afterward, at no charge, on the internet. This week we have two classes on FORGIVENESS. Lots more good to come! I’ve gathered 7 other great teachers to join me. Our class is 8 weeks – 8 teachers – one goal: Peace. The entire class is our gift to you and there’s no charge at all. If you’d like to join us take a moment to register here: Living A Course in

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