Resting in Love!

May 22, 2011

Click here to listen to today’s Daily Power Prayer for Resting in Love:

When I first started studying nonviolence and made a commitment to live a nonviolent life, about 14 years ago, I realized that rushing was, for me, an act of violence that I was perpetrating against myself.  Putting myself in the position where I feel rushed isn’t very kind.  And yet, I so often decide to do “one more thing” and in order to “find the time” I start to rush.  I am intent to be kinder to myself and know that “I need do nothing.”  It’s such a deep practice to be compassionate, mindful, awake and aware at all times, and that is my daily intention.

Part of my practice of resting in Love and the wisdom that Love is, requires me to be more interested in that than anything else.  I really learned so much when I was caring for my Mom when she was so sick before she made her transition.  My parents’ home is gorgeous, with cherry wood floors and handmade tiles, huge windows that look out into the cove on the island of Maine upon which they live – and on the other side into woods.   The wood and glass and tile is beautiful and it feels so restful, except when someone is rushing.  The vibration of someone rushing through the house carries through those cherry wood floors and bounces off the glass and handmade tiles.  Everyone in the house can feel when someone is hurrying and rushing and the vibration of upset is carried throughout.

When my precious Mother was so sick, there were many times when I felt the urgency to run get something to comfort her and care for her.  She was suffering so much that the sense of urgency was almost constant.   And yet my rushing to get a drink or a hot washcloth, or anything at all only created more disturbance.

I learned right away that I could bring a healing, loving presence, a sense of peace to our experience by applying what I’d learned on mindfulness retreats with Thich Nhat Hanh.  I learned to live the title of his book “Peace is Every Step.”  That book is a favorite of mine and Thich Nhat Hanh is one of the most beautiful teachers I know of.

My Mother’s suffering helped me to learn peace in every moment, true forgiveness, unconditional joy and so much more.  I learned to trust in Love and to rest in God.   I’ve learned to be grateful for everything, even that which I do not like and that which I do not want.  There is a blessing in everything and we discover it when we are willing to receive it.  This isn’t easy, but it’s worth everything it requires.   Be willing.  Do not let another opportunity to Love pass you by today.  Instead of rushing to do one more thing, be interested in Love.  There’s no where to go.

Remember as you listen to the Power Prayer, the answered prayer is in your challenges if you are willing to see what God sees rather than your opinion.  Rest in Love and your opinion will dissolve.  The light never has to beg the darkness to go.

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