Safe Harbour

May 23, 2011

Click here to listen to today’s Daily Power Prayer for Feeling Safe:

The judger always feels judged and never feels safe.
The attacker always feels attacked and never feels safe
The lover always feels Loved and always feels safe.

This is how life is because the law of cause and effect makes it so.  What we project into the world we will experience.  Our experience is the effect, the cause is our thinking.

You are the thinker of your thoughts.  Each thought arises in the mind and there is – to the trained mind – a moment of choice.  There is a gap between the thought arising and the decision to choose to entertain it.  Get in that gap and become alert to the opportunity you have to decide what you will think.  You are not a victim of your own mind.

If your mind has been taught to judge, complain, and blame it can also be taught to appreciate, praise and Love.  You must decide where you will place your attention.  As the British say, “Mind the gap!”  If you notice that you are thinking thoughts of separation and attack, be willing to surrender them to Love.  Invoke the Love of the Higher Holy Spirit Self.  Partner UP!  Let Spirit do the heavy lifting of healing, and be willing.  Say to yourself “I’m not interested in that attack thought anymore.  I’m a creature of Love and Light and that’s ALL I’m interested in.  I choose Love and Love chooses me.”  If you truly mean it, you will realize that you are safe in the arms of Love.

Remember as you listen to the Power Prayer, the answered prayer is in your challenges. When you are 100% willing it gets easy.   Be willing and remember: the light never has to beg the darkness to go.

I invite you to Partner UP with the Higher Holy Spirit Self. I invite you to participate in this Living A Course in Miracles Tele-class with me. 7 authors and teachers and I are sharing with you what we know works to transform your life. Our gifts are practical, helpful tips and tools that you can use every day. I’ve used them to completely change my life. I know this works. Students in my classes who apply them know they work. The entire class is completely free to you. The one thing we cannot give you is the willingness to participate and the willingness to be intentional. However, we can give you 48 hours to listen to each class and encourage you to invite a friend, a family member, a co-worker to participate with you. Most people can cultivate their willingness where two or more are gathered. Be in it to win it and you will. Spirit cannot fail!

Free Living A Course in Miracles Tele-class

We’re off to a wonderful start with this Tele-class! I am thrilled! You can listen to every single one of these classes for 48 hours afterward, at no charge, on the internet. This week we have two classes on FORGIVENESS. Lots more good to come! I’ve gathered 7 other great teachers to join me. Our class is 8 weeks – 8 teachers – one goal: Peace. The entire class is our gift to you and there’s no charge at all. If you’d like to join us take a moment to register here: Living A Course in

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