Unconditional joy!

May 6, 2011

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One of the most poignant realizations I’ve had was discovering that I’d been denying so much of what I was really feeling and thinking and that the cost of that denial was that I never got to know true joy.  I had moments of happiness, but they were totally conditional.  I never felt free.

At that time in my life I had so much despair.  I couldn’t even imagine that I could feel the liberation and joy that I feel now every day.  My turning point was my intention.  I set the intention to know unconditional joy.  I cultivated my willingness to discover joy even though I didn’t know how – I didn’t have a clue!

I was like a miner working in the dark without a light.  My willingness to shift became the spark that lit the fire that showed me that I AM the light.  Your little willingness, cultivated and nourished every day, will bring you out of the dark.  Be willing to love yourself enough to choose liberation in the moments when you can see that there’s a choice.  Be grateful when you see the choice, for that is the turning point.  Choose love.  Love yourself, the joy will follow!

Would you like to stop playing small?  Would you like to discover that living a miraculous life really IS possible for you? Would you like to have a peaceful, fulfilling life where every day you know that you’re taking steps towards living the life you deeply desire?  You can!

It takes your willingness, it takes your commitment, and it takes your decision to follow the steps in my Stop Playing Small TELE-class. Class starts Saturday, May 7 and if you enroll before 5pm this Friday I’ll also give you the gift of my Self-Forgiveness Meditation as a bonus.

I’m only intending to offer this class one time. You will receive the downloads of each of the 3 parts to this TELE-class – but if you’re in the class you’ll be able to ask me questions.

Spring is sprung! Will you join this movement of liberation, growth and expansion? It’s your choice!

Stop Playing Small!

3 week Tele-class

3 Saturdays beginning May 7th –

three 1 hour calls – receive the downloads FREE
9am Pacific – 10am Mountain – 11am Central – 12pm Eastern

$72 register online now
A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

* Do you know you’re holding yourself back?
* Is playing small your pattern?
* Do you know the next step, but can’t seem to take it?
* Are you willing to take the lid off at last?*
* Are you SO ready to get on with it you’re suffering?

Why not live the life you dream of?

If you know what the next steps are, but can’t seem to take them, if you feel like there’s an invisible wall holding you back from living your best life – If you have great work you want to do in the world, but just canot seem to to get there – this is the workshop for you! Don’t wait – go for it now!


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