May 3, 2011

Click here to listen to today’s Daily Power Prayer for Being Wholehearted!:

It takes real courage – a strong heart – to be able to be wholehearted.  And that is precisely what makes it so profoundly healing.  Love is the great healer.  When we open our heart to allow Divine Love to flow through us into the world then we are living our life purposes while simultaneously healing ourselves.

The doors of enlightenment open to those who love themselves.  Love yourself with your whole heart!  You don’t have to know how.  Be willing.  Be available.  Invite the Love into your heart.  Allow Divine Love to heal you.  Be “all in” for your own holiness.  Wholeheartedly love yourself.  Now is the time.  Let’s do this together!

One way to truly love and honor yourself is to release the habits of playing small.  My STOP PLAYING SMALL workshop begins on Saturday, May 7th – 3 tele-classes and you get the downloads so you can re-listen.  Details are on the EVENTS page – Register now and join us!

New Video!

I have a new video for you at my YouTube Channel – you’ll see the video where I’m dressed in green – that’s the one! I created this video to share my story with you. Take a look! Please take a moment to write a comment, LIKE the video and SHARE it at facebook, etc. That helps more people to see it and be inspired! Please share what I offer that inspires! Together we’re creating a revolution of inspiration! Watch the video now at my YouTube Channel

To support you I’ve created A Course In Miracles Pledge at facebook – I invite you to please join us, like the page and download your copy of the ACIM Pledge – commit to reading it morning and eve. Please also share the A Course In Miracles Pledge at facebook – on the lower left of the page you can make it one of your favorites and then share it on your wall – let your friends know – let’s do this together in partnership and fellowship! Say yes!


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