Wisdom is Clarity

May 17, 2011

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“… through loving intention we may energize the wisdom potential within ourselves and every sentient being.”  Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo

We access true wisdom through the heart.   Love is wisdom in it’s highest expression.  The paradox of our human experience is that we so often are convinced that to be loving and compassionate is foolish.  We hesitate in being generous of heart even though our Spirit yearns to express this way.  The illusion is that we live in a “dog eat dog world.”  And yet it’s not true.  It never will be – that is only the appearance.

What I discovered for myself is that as soon as I was no longer interested in eating dogs, the appearance of it disappeared.  What I see now is the reality of a loving Universe and a loving God and my own life purpose of Love.  I am not here to convince anyone, or teach anyone, or DO anything at all.  I am here to be an expression of Divine Love in all that I AM.  Today I know I will succeed more often than not and that is the joy of my life.

I have learned to change my mind every time the ego feels inclined to choose an unloving thought.  I have learned the wisdom of Love and it is my teacher every day.  It is the clarity with which I see, and hear, and know, and feel.   I am so very grateful for every drop of clarity.  I intend to be a revelation of pristine awareness and it is my joy to share what I experience on this road of beauty.  Thank you for being my prayer partner today!

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