Accept the good!

June 6, 2011

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So much of the stress of life comes from not accepting what IS.  Anytime we look at our life and think  it should be different then we’re aligned with the ego.  It is a form of spiritual arrogance to think that things should be different than they are.  You’re creating an endless loop of suffering if you look at your life from the perspective that what IS should not be.  Acceptance is your ticket out of that suffering.

This doesn’t mean you become complacent.  It doesn’t mean that you simply give up.  If you don’t like what IS, then it’s time for you to examine your thoughts.  The way to shift what IS, isn’t to jump into lots of doing, doing, doing – what I call PUSHING DENSITY.  You must first connect consciously with Divine insight and guidance. You must get connected with your heart – how would you prefer to feel in this moment?  Instead of angry and upset or disappointed, would you prefer to feel harmonious, peaceful and prosperous?  Are you willing to focus on those spiritual qualities instead of the lack of them?

Spirit can only manifest according to your thoughts. Every thought creates your experience.  Accept that there is good that is unfolding for you right now.  You can receive it if you will only be willing to move into gratitude for what IS instead of thinking that it’s not what SHOULD be.

In your life right now there is abundant good. Your challenges contain your answered prayers.  You will never receive the good that is in your challenges if you think there is none there.  Be willing to release your opinion to see what is really there for you.  Move out of spiritual arrogance and into spiritual sovereignty.  Do not be swayed by circumstances.  Your nature is to be abundant, joyFULL, peaceFULL, harmonious and awake to the good in your life.

Release the habit of thinking that someone is supposed to give you your good.  Be wiling to see that the Kingdom is already pre-installed.  It’s your job to reveal it.  Be willing to move the world in a direction of peace through YOUR daily choices, words and actions. BE the Love that you are looking for.


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  • Do you know of anyone who has seen different flashes of light shows since they started reading ACIM? I mean colors unlike any other you have ever seen?

  • Hello Jennifer, I begin each day with your power prayer. It really helps me to get centered and gives me something to reflect on throughout the day. I have passed your prayers on to others because it has blessed me life so much.
    I also want to thank you for the Living A Course In Miracles classes. They are wonderful! I intend to purchase the bulk plan so I can have them to listen to more. Thank you, thank you, thank you; even my thank yous thank you (smile)!
    Love & Hugs,

  • Peggy – Gary Renard talks about seeing lights in Disappearance of the Universe. I do often see various lights – often what I think of as faeries or angels or beings of light. I think it’s quite common.

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