Accountability is your power tool!

June 5, 2011

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My personal practice of nonviolence includes every area of my life. In conflicting situations, personal accountability allows us to take responsibility for how we contribute to other people’s difficulties.

It’s not been easy, but I’ve learned that I have no right to try to disturb someone else peace with my judgments and opinions.  It took me a LONG time to realize how egotistical it is to think I am right about anything.  I’m so grateful for my daily willingness to be accountable.

I had to carefully watch where my need to be right devolved into having to make someone else be wrong.   I started to be very interested when I had an experience of fear of being hurt turned into an unkind remark in order to be the first to strike?

I developed a strong intention to hold myself accountable for my every word and for my every action.  This is my job, and no one else’s and I’ve learned to do it with Love.  And I’ve also learned to apologize and make amends.  In this, my self-esteem rose.

Accountability is your power tool.  People who truly love themselves hold themselves accountable.  Partner UP with the Higher Holy Spirit Self and hold yourself accountable.  You will immediately feel how self-loving this practice is.

Be willing to be responsible for how you contribute to any conflict you encounter. Look for different choices and loving choices. Be willing to become accountable by making choices that can lead to more peace, more love, and more joy being experienced by EVERYONE around you and share the benefits of your deepening practice of Love with all beings, remembering that you are eternally One with them.  Through this you will truly begin to understand the Oneness and feel it in every moment. Be willing to move the world in a direction of peace through your daily choices, words and actions.   BE the Love that you are looking for.


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