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June 8, 2011

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Over the last fifteen years or so my intuition has dramatically increased.  It’s been absolutely remarkable.  Having a clear mind, to perceive with ever increasing clarity, brings so many benefits – too numerous to mention.  It’s interesting to realize that earlier in my life I used to go to various psychics and intuitives to help me make sense of my life.  I used to run to the experts for wisdom and clarity.  I recognize that I no longer feel a need to do that.

So many of the things I’ve done have made a difference in my level of clear perception, and what has brought the greatest benefit has been becoming interested in the truthThe Truth with a capital T is so clear and direct. The truth is, as we all know, the thing that sets us free.  The truth is liberating.

It’s not that the truth has the power to liberate us.  When we become profoundly interested in the truth, more interested in the truth than we are in our opinions and judgments and upsets, that’s when we have the ears to hear and the eyes to see. We liberate ourselves through becoming more interested in the truth than in what we think about it.  That is the day the true liberation begins.

Every day, in every moment, we choose Love and unification or we choose separation and suffering.  Through our choice we can be a healing presence in our human experience or we contribute dissonance and distraction.

This life is for us to experience the illusion of free will.  You decide whom you serve.

Partner UP today and invite Divine insight to be your guide.  Be willing to let your conditioned view.  Become interested in ETERNAL truth and release the idea of a personal truth.  There is only one Truth and it is Love itself.  Always available, always live-streaming right where you are. Your little willingness is all that’s required.


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