Healing the past

June 23, 2011

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The more I travel this road of life the more grateful I am to those who went before me.  I am well aware that I stand on the consciousness of my ancestors.  My ancestry extends far and wide throughout the human race and isn’t limited to those people in my family.

Feeling more connected to previous generations comes from having so many experiences of my own humanness as well as understanding my inherent pristine nature. There have always been people who let the “sins of their fathers” ruin their lives just as there have always been people who completely transcended their personal history.  The choice is mine to make.  I have invested far too much of my precious energy mired in an opinion about what my family did or didn’t do for me.  Now that I can see more clearly I know that I have much more fulfilling ways to invest my precious life energy.

It’s my destiny to forgive and claim the learning of all the “mistakes” made by my ancestry.  I am willing to take what they experienced and make it into something that raises me and propels me to claim for myself, and for them, that there is that within each of us that is pristine and transcendent.  I could not do what I do now if my ancestors had not done what they did then.  That which is mine to do I claim with joy and gratitude and I share the benefit with my ancestors.

In her book Voices of Our Ancestors, Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo reminds me how powerful I am when she says, “through loving intention we may energize the wisdom potential within ourselves and every sentient being.”  Since time and space are but an illusion, I can energize even the wisdom potential in my ancestors and bring healing to their spirits as well.

Today, I want to be that point in consciousness that all of my ancestors invested in.  Today I AM what is mine to be and I do what is mine to do and in so doing I honor those who went before me. Today I honor those who tried to live in a way that had some value.  Today I honor those who tried their best to love me and to teach me.  In turn, I point the way for those who are yet to be born.  I am invested in the circle of life that it may spiral higher today because of the choice I make to be grateful for my ancestors.

Today I am willing to be the point of healing in my life.  I share the benefits with all beings!

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