How sweet it is!

June 28, 2011

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“How sweet it is!” Jackie Gleason used to say on his TV variety show.  I always loved that.  I can remember watching the show a few times when I was a little girl, visiting my precious Grandparents.  I think it was Saturday or Sunday night.  I’d be in my jammies after a bath.  Good times.  How sweet it was.  And how sweet it is now – although it wasn’t always so sweet in between.

The sweetness of life that I experience now is that where once I was a complainer now I am interested in harvesting the learning from my experience. The sweetness I enjoy now is that where once I thought it was my job to judge everyone, now I realize it is my response-ability to love everyone and see beyond the illusion of what’s being projected. There is such a sweetness available now that I no longer ping pong from frustration to irritation to envy and back to complaining.  Phew!

How sweet it is to remember my true identity.  How sweet it is to share the benefits of my healing and expansion with all of my brothers and sisters.  How sweet it is to Partner Up every day and live in the opportunity to be compassionate, kind and loving that is always presenting itself in an unlimited flow of prosperity.

How sweet it is that you and I are meeting in our minds together right now in the Holy intention to remember ourselves and see ourselves rightly.  How sweet it is indeed!

How sweet it is to be willing to see the higher choices and align with Love.


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