In the creative flow!

June 14, 2011

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Creativity is Infinite.  It is our Divine nature to be creative.  Whether we know it or not, our thoughts are always creating our experience of life.  Whether we are willing to recognize it or not, we are the creative center of our life.  There is a flow of creativity that is seeking to express itself through us and as us.

The challenge is to be in the creative flow and keep a commitment to be clear, pure and pristine so that our experience is always new.  When there is a commitment to being pristine there is a constant refreshment that is activated in our minds. Our life feels profoundly creative.

When we drag the past with us, keeping it always before us as the lens through which we experience everything,  then there is no clarity – there is only more of the same.  Same old, same old.

If you’re not at peace, then it’s an indicator that you’ve lost interest in purity, clarity and Love.  When there’s an anxious mind, it’s an indicator that you are choosing to mentally live in the past. That’s always a good time to give thanks.  Be grateful that if you are anxious there’s an adjustment that can be made.  It’s time to heal the unresolved past.  You don’t have to know how, but you do have to be willing to see in order to be shown.

Partner UP with your own holiness, intend to be clear in your heart and mind.  Place your hand on your heart, take a breath of gratitude, be willing to have self-compassion, sit with your self and allow the judgments to come into your awareness.  Be willing to be clear about whether you need those judgments anymore.  Allow the Spirit to do the heavy lifting. Be willing to remember “I AM that I AM.” 

Open your heart to Love yourself enough to be with yourself! Seek first the Kingdom, which is within, and all else will be added unto you!


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