Knowing the Oneness

June 27, 2011

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Perhaps the most monumental moment in my life was when I first glimpsed the Oneness of all life.  My awareness opened up and I was able to feel that I was connected to everything.  The connector is Love.  Gradually, I came to understand that everything I did or said or thought or felt impacted everyone everywhere.  It was an energizing sense of responsibility. The Universe holds nothing as random and gives everything resonance—what could be more loving then to value the Oness wholly and completely, above all?

Fortunately, with my sense of responsibility came an understanding of a Universe without judgment.  The idea of a God that kept score disappeared and I began to glimpse the amazing web of interconnectivity.  I found evidence that Divine Intelligence is loving and that Divine Love is intelligent.  I discovered that this love and intelligence was everywhere, in everything seen and unseen.  Omnipresent.  Omniscient.

Right away I decided to commit to making higher choices.  I didn’t want to try to make higher choices, I intended to make a commitment, to the best of my ability, and hold myself accountable.  I decided to be part of humanity that was lifting human consciousness.  With this intention I no longer had a tolerance for my own remorse, guilt, shame, laziness, excuses and hurtful behavior.  If God didn’t keep score, why should I?  Every moment became precious because every moment became an opportunity to lift everyone everywhere.  I discovered my life purpose: to be the love and compassion of God.  I found it was a seed planted in me long ago.  As I watered it with my conscious attention and intention, it took root and grew in me.

What I can tell you now is that, I first caught that glimpse of Oneness because I was praying to see it.  That’s what ask and it is given means.  Seek first the Kingdom.  Be willing.

I am willing to see the higher choices and align with Love.



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  1. Dear Reverend Hadley,

    I just want to say thank you for the inspiring, uplifting, comforting and loving Audio Prayers you have posted on your website. I stumbled upon (was guided to?) your website while doing a search on Gratitude. After reading one of your articles, I felt so much comfort and inspiration that I immediately signed up for your newsletters and am enjoying the daily meditations.

    Thank you again for showing everyone how to feel, see and express joy, gentleness and love…

    Many blessings to you…


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