Lighten up!

June 4, 2011

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Almost everyone loves a puppy, a kitten, a happy toddler.  Why?  Because they still know the complete fulfillment that comes from being playful in the moment.  They are still new to life and so they aren’t yet burdened by false perceptions.  There was a time in my life when I was so driven in my spiritual pursuits and studies that I didn’t have much time for play.  I didn’t have a lighthearted, playful approach to my life.  I was “serious.”  Phew!  I’m glad that’s over!

Having spent time with some wonderful spiritual teachers like His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Gary Renard, and David Hoffmeister, I’ve realized that the more awake and enlightened people are the more playful they are.  They are LIGHT hearted.

What’s clear by their example is that we must lighten up to enlighten up!  It’s so important to get outside and spend time in nature.  You can make an appointment to watch a funny movie with a friend.  Spirit is not in a book.  Spirit is in your heart.  Consider making an appointment with yourself to do something outrageously playful in the near future and invite others to join in.  Challenge yourself to be more spontaneous and get out of the conditioned view of your life.

If you’ve become too concerned with judging and criticizing what others are doing, take some time off from that pattern – you can always return to it.  Connect with Spirit through laughter and play.  You WILL have a healing.  It’s always the perfect time to make a change.  If you’re not sure how to start – Partner UP!  Give the Spirit the heavy lifting of figuring out HOW to begin and simply decide that you’re more interested in being playful now.  Invite a friend to conspire with you and get out of your house and GO!


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