Renew in the Spirit!

June 11, 2011

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When there’s a feeling of depletion, irritation, frustration and agitation it’s a clear sign that we are relying solely on our own judgment.  The Spirit is never exhausted or depleted.  Spirit is infinite and eternal – endless peace.

Even a few minutes of rest in the Spirit, with strong intention, can bring forth miraculous results.  If we’re not willing to lay our burden down, then we will never know the unlimited Peace of God.  This unlimited Peace is our natural state.  It is within.  You cannot find it by laboring in the world.

Seek first the Kingdom, which is within, and all else that is truly valuable will be added unto you.  Seek first the Kingdom to experience the fulfillment of your deepest desires.  There is no other plan for success.  Renewal comes when you Partner UP! and move out of trying to do it all yourself.  Be willing to feed at the table that nourishes.  A banquet has been prepared for you.  Come.  Your glory awaits you!


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