Spring Cleaning!

June 1, 2011

Click here to listen to today’s Daily Power Prayer for Spring Cleaning!:

Spring Cleaning can apply to our minds as well as our closets.  Now is always the perfect time for us to clear the clutter in our minds.  Sometimes people tell me they are conflicted and confused, that they have trouble concentrating and they want to blame it on their environment or their relationships and “problems.”  In my experience, the only thing that creates confusion in my life is when I say one thing and do another.  For instance, if I say I love someone and then complain about them.  If I say my love is conditional, but it’s really not.

Almost everyone makes these mis-takes.  It’s part of our learning to remember what Love is.  We must become profoundly interested in Love.  Love is the great healer in our life.  Love heals all confusion and brings forth a clarity that is unprecedented.  However, we must decide that we are no longer interested in saying one thing while doing another.  We must decide that we’re no longer interested in “looking good.”  Instead we must be interested in Love itself.

I’ve learned to let Love be my guide.  When I am interested in Love, then hearing the guidance that my loving heart offers is always so much easier.  You cannot go in two directions at once.  Either you choose Love or you choose separation.  There is no grey area.

Love and gratitude – this is the practice that we’re cultivating every day.  Gratitude lifts us so that we can see clearly the loving choices that are always available to us. Phew! Every moment gives us the opportunity to Partner UP and begin again. For this, I am so grateful! Love is always here for me.  Now, I am interested in being here for Love.


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