Stepping UP to LOVE!

June 9, 2011

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What would stepping UP in your life mean?  What if it was as simple as Partnering UP with ever increasing frequency and willingness?  What I’ve noticed over the many years of my profession as a spiritual counselor and teacher, is that the folks who feel alone don’t have an intimate relationship with the Divine.  They consistently declare themselves to be alone.  All the while, Divine assistance awaits them in every single moment without exception.

If you think “ask and it is given” means that every time you’d like some candy and you ask for it that God will give you candy, then you will surely be disappointed.  Stepping UP is being willing to ask for something worth having.  If you think that what you REALLY want and need is for that person to come back to you, or for someone to love you or give you a raise or buy you a ring, then you don’t really know yourself.

If God is a good and loving Father/Mother God, a parental God, and that’s not my view exactly – then would any good parent give you candy just because you are screaming for it?  Would a good Father/Mother God give you more candy when the reason why you’re sick and tired and screaming right now is because you’ve had a steady diet of thinking that candy is the answer to all your problems?

So many people treat the Divine as if it were a delivery service, a messenger boy.  They diminish their idea of God because they literally cannot handle the truth.  They prefer not to be in a spiritually mature relationship with the Infinite.  Instead they project onto the ONE this candy store view.  Is it any wonder they feel alone and afraid?

Today is the day to step UP into an awakened RELATIONSHIP with the Infinite Oneness of life.  It does not matter if you’re confused and frightened and unsure and faithless.  None of that matters at all.

All that matters is your willingness.

Be willing to Partner Up and you won’t feel alone and lost anymore.  Thinking that you already know is blocking the unlimited Intelligence from flowing through you.  Be willing to discover the truth about yourself and life.  Step UP to opening your heart to be loving when it is most especially difficult.  Step UP to being willing to be patient NO MATTER WHAT.  Step up to the infinite clarity, wisdom, abundance and freedom that is awaiting only your willingness.  Step up to Partnering UP!

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