True Prosperity

June 13, 2011

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The most painful moments of my life have been when I had the opportunity to Love and I let it pass me by.  The slow drip, drip, drip of dis-empowerment comes from being able to see and feel the opportunities to be loving, compassionate, patient and kind and to actively choose to let them go past you, unfulfilled.  If we do that long enough we develop such a deep disappointment in ourselves.  It often leads to a deep shame and guilt.

The answer is Love.  This IS our prosperity.  We are loved by THE Beloved.  The One who invented Love is in Love with us!  This is an eternal Love without end.  It’s always ours to claim.  At any moment we can claim our prosperity by anchoring into our loving heart.

It begins with self-Love.  It begins with the willingness to know and understand the Oneness of all life.  Our prosperity is that we have access to an infinite Love.  We can close our mind to Love, but Love is still there for us.  We can be utterly convinced that we are broke, broken and broken-hearted, and still, the Infinite Love of God is  here for us in its fulness, unlimited, unprecedented and abundant.  If we are willing to know Love, Love will show us the way to true prosperity.  Be willing to experience true prosperity – open your heart to Love!   Seek first the Kingdom.


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