Yumminess abounds!

June 18, 2011

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There’s been a lot of teaching over the years about the law of attraction.  Much of it makes sense to me, and yet, how I experience it is more like the Law of Projection.  This is the core teaching of A Course in Miracles.  Ernest Holmes, founder of the Science of Mind teachings said,

“The Father is greater than the Son, yet the Father is the Son, and we are each other, and It is in all of us.  So every day we are livng from the Unity, and projecting the experiences from it upon the screen of our objective lives.  We have done this so long in ignornace that we appear to be bound by the outlines of the forms which our ignorance has projected.”

If we invest our precious life in trying to manage, manipulate and control what is happening in the world of form, we’re simply repeating the past.  How many lifetimes must we be deluded by the illusion of separation before we can finally say – today is the day!  I am willing to see that I am a spiritual being, One with my Creator and with ALL of my brothers and sisters and I AM facilitating the illusion of a human experience.  My responsibility is to look within, seek the Kingdom first, and share the benefits of my healing and expansion with all through the right use of my mind.

The yumminess is pre-installed. Seek where you can find it.  Be willing to be in league with the Infinite – release the need to experience a separate will for one more day and align with Divine will.  Today is the day! Your yumminess awaits you!!

Today I choose to see the light within!


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  1. Love the way you are share your convictions … well truths as far as I am concerned.
    We can continue to play like children, perpetuate the illusion – no judgement,
    but ACIM teaches that if we want we can save thousands of years ( as we experience time), all there in the words and teachings of Jeshua, free but for a little willingness. There never were a better deal to fulfill our yearning for joy and peace. Everybody longs to go home – in fact we ARE home dreamiong of exile.
    Thanks Jennifer .. I love your expresso!

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