Acknowledge yourself!

July 1, 2011

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Dannion Brinkley, author of “Saved By The Light,” says most folks are walking around in a perpetual loop of negative self-talk.  I know many people who, when you boil it right down, are mostly focused on self-blame, shame and criticism.  I used to be filled with judgment and made a point of changing that habit to one of praise and acknowledgment.  I created a new habit of acknowledging every good thing I did.  I began by simply bringing my awareness to every time I made a healthy choice.  I added a kind word of self-encouragement every time I chose love instead of fear.  I started to praise myself for my loving choices and celebrate the shifts in my thinking on a daily basis.

As part of my daily spiritual practice I look for ways to acknowledge and appreciate others.  I look for things that others might not notice.  I like to be able to point out to people that I feel when their energy becomes more positive and expansive, or when they seem to have made a subtle shift or breakthrough.  Often at times people don’t really notice in themselves their own expansion and it means a great deal to them to have the growth acknowledged.  Sometimes I simply tell someone what a difference they’ve made in my life. I acknowledge them for supporting me, inspiring me, teaching me, loving and lifting me.

Today I advance my own spiritual practice of nonviolence by acknowledging myself three times and acknowledging at least one person I’ve not appreciated before.  Now that I can see the opportunities there are many ways to practice nonviolence through letting myself and others know that I am aware of the subtle changes and moments that are life’s simple pleasures and sweeteners. In this way I move the world in a beautiful and noticeable way towards more love and harmony.  Peace begins with me and I’m grateful.

I love to appreciate and acknowledge the good in my life!


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