Cultivating a deep faith

July 18, 2011

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Gandhi, Dr. King, Mother Theresa, Jesus, Buddha, all of the great teachers and leaders of nonviolence had an unshakable faith. Ernest Holmes, our Science of Mind founder, has taught me, if I want to understand something, I have to study it.  I wanted to have an unshakable faith and so I studied the matter.  My studies led me to deepening my spiritual practice.  In the practice came more than mere understanding.

In my spiritual practice I cultivated an unshakeable faith.  My faith is worth more to me than anything else in this world.

The Holy Bible tells us “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Ernest Holmes describes faith as a mental attitude and those who have it have great power.  Holmes tells us fear is the negative use of faith; fear is a belief in something other than the Divine.  Since God is all there is, then fear must be a faith in illusion.  Illusion has no substance, no power.

Intellectually these teachings all made sense to me, but it wasn’t until I set out to prove the principles in my life that I found my deep faith. I uncovered it through working with spiritual principles as a scientist would.  This is why we call it “spiritual practice.”  Gandhi said, “Nonviolence succeeds only when we have a real living faith in God.  What is faith if it is not translated into action?” (Please take a look at the video on ACCOUNTABILITY on this page, to your right.)

My faith is that within me which knows I AM that I AM.  Not because someone told me, but because I found it for myself.  Through my spiritual practice, I’ve come to know that I am one with the Infinite, supported and surrounded by love.  I can never leave this place of security except within my own mind.  My faith is that within me which knows the truth of life: I am a spiritual being; all is spiritual substance and always will be.

Today I seek to remember that we are all born of the Spirit and Spirit is that within each of us that has an unshakable faith.  You can intend to find access to your faith.  Today I look for it, prove it and appreciate it.  Today I am the one who has “eyes to see and ears to hear.”  Today I learn that with faith in God all things are possible.  Today I discover that which I have been seeking has been there all along. The Kingdom IS within.   In this way, I surely move the world in a direction of love.

My faith is the faith of God.  In God all things are possible.

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