Forgiveness is FREEDOM!

July 28, 2011

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I’ve had to forgive everyone and everything in order to feel free. It has felt relentless at times. It was particularly hard for me because I felt like I had experienced so many betrayals from the people I cared most about. It was so challenging because I had so much to forgive my own SELF for! Phew!

It’s extremely daunting for many people. The older you are, the more daunting it may seem. The longer we’ve held onto things, the more we’ve come to identify ourselves as “the one who was betrayed,” or “the one who did something wrong.” It’s so valuable to realize that these hurts are not your true identity. Nor will they ever be.

If we become identified as the one who was hurt, or the one who made a mistake, then we’ll always be playing small. We’ll always be living less than our potential glory. It’s time to say “enough is enough!” You are the one who must decide. And so that’s why I share what I do, because it was the path of liberation for me, and it still is!

At the top of this entry is the link to download my forgiveness letter. Download it. Use it. Release yourself from prison. The way in is the way out!

I forgive to be free today without delay!

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  • Dear Jennifer – I am studying to become a Som practitioner and just took my written test – waiting to hear results and then will do Practicum. Thank you so very much for your wonderful, sincere work. I really appreciate the help you have given me. This forgiveness letter is a great tool. Thank you for being a spiritual friend. Bless you, Glory (member of Oak Park Church of Religious Science, Oak Park, Il. (Rev. Alexandra Sikora, Pastor).

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