Heart + Mind Congruity = True Success

July 29, 2011

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It’s not rocket science, and it’s not a secret.  It’s completely possible to be a powerful person and know it. However, until I was willing to release my judgments and opinions all I could experience was the effect of my judgments and opinions.  I could intellectually understand the truth, but I wasn’t living it.  I was living in conflict every minute of every day. I was always seeing through the lens of my attack thoughts.  I was a Powerful Master Manifestor, but I didn’t even know it!  I was powerfully manifesting conflict because I was always choosing to be in conflict with Love by choosing to energize my opinions.

In my heart I truly wanted to align with the truth.  I wanted it, but I wasn’t willing because in my mind I still wanted to judge.  I wanted to be able to project my opinions and think I was right.  So, I had only this intellectual glimpse of the truth, but no TRUE understanding and no TRUE successI was half-baked!

True success is living in the truth, aligned with Love, always awake, always aware.  Success is manifesting and demonstrating Love, peace, harmony, abundance and unconditional joy in each moment. That’s what I’m talking about!

Finally, the time came where I was truly, deeply, passionately willing to put Love first and live from my heart NO MATTER WHAT to the very best of my ability every day.  I began to realize I didn’t need even ONE of my opinions. Not one!

The mental fog began to clear.
My eyes began to open.
I began to hear the resonance of truth in away I’d NEVER been able to perceive it before.

Finally, I was truly becoming willing to live a life of love.  I was willing to be devoted and consistent.  It was not easy.  It kicked my butt every single day.  I began to discover how INTENSELY I was attached to my opinions.  I began to see how I had willingly allowed myself to be so incongruent.  I began to feel so grateful that I COULD give up the opinions and align with everlasting Love.  I began to taste true and eternal freedom.

Love is always available.  Oneness is all there is.  If we choose to deny it, we can make up any number of stories about our life, but they’ll never be true.  Seek first the Kingdom, which is within and ALL ELSE will be added unto you.

I choose Love and Love chooses me.  Today I AM free to LOVE heart, mind and spirit!

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  • Dear Jennifer I want to thank you with all my heart because I’ve had all my life such a resistance and self hatred that kept me paralized and in conflict all the time. I’ve been studing the course for many years and until I read DU began to understand it’s true meaning. But I think it’s now through your guidance and support that I’m ready to make a commitment and release my judgments and oppinions. I’m making my best effort doing the homework and listening to the class and remembering to join with the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your loving support, for your classes, prayers, videos and for joining with me for the healing of everyone.
    With love and appreciation

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