My religion is kindness

July 11, 2011

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Every day I witness of random and senseless acts of violence.  It used to be that those random and senseless acts of violence were simply unkind things that I said to myself.  All that’s needed to turn a violent thought or experience into a peaceful one is a little bit of kindness. Pure and simple, kindness is not always easy to produce. You have to be intentional.  How much easier it is to meet anger with anger, hurt with hurt than to “turn the other cheek,” and offer the kindness of understanding.

Turning the other cheek doesn’t mean giving someone who has been hurtful the opportunity to do it again. It means not responding in kind. The Apostle Paul wrote: “Clothe yourself with compassion, and kindness, and gentleness, and patience before each other and forgive whatever grievance you may have with one another.”

Today I commit myself to participating in the world with an intention of kindness. I announce my commitment by performing three acts of kindness today, and at least one of them is for myself.  I stop myself from saying hurtful things to myself and instead find a word of kindness. As I practice doing this with myself I’ll be able to extend it to others. Just think how much a few kind words can mean!

My practice is kindness and I am devoted to my practice!

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  1. Hi Jennifer
    Thank you so much for these beautiful guided prayers. Its along time since I prayed and worked like this.Thank you so much.

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