Practicing the presence

July 3, 2011

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I have the best prayer partner in the whole world.  My prayer partner is the Beloved I AM Presence and together we ROCK!

I’ve known my Beloved I AM Presence my whole life.  When I was a child we were very tight.  I AM walked me to and from school every day, rain or shine.  We’d go for walks in the woods  and converse with the trees and the Spirit of Mother Earth.  We loved hanging out and just being.  As a teenager, and a young adult, I became more interested in myself and my opinions.  I got completely distracted by what I was doing, doing, doing.  I was more interested in judging the world and everyone in it and I forgot about my Beloved I AM Presence.

Then one day I felt really afraid.  I was disgusted with myself and the life I was living.  I felt like I’d dug a hole and there was no way out.  Nothing made me happy for more than a moment.  I remember thinking there was absolutely no point in going on.  It was pretty clear that I needed help, but I didn’t know who to turn to or what to do.  That’s when I heard I AM say something out of the blue!  That old familiar voice was still there!  My Beloved I AM had never left me and completely forgave me everything.  I couldn’t believe it.  I honestly didn’t trust that my Beloved I AM could be wholly forgiving, but over time I realized how much I AM loves me.

My Beloved I AM Presence and I are best friends again.  We share everything.  I’ve learned there’s no mountain we cannot ascend.   In every valley we find an inspiring field of lilies.   Each day is an adventure in loving.  I AM that I AM, and ever shall it be so!

I AM that I AM and that is ALL that I AM!


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  • Beloved Jennifer.
    I have no words for my gratitude to you for the tremendous help and support you are to my awakening and everyday life.
    I also had a connection with my I Am Presence when I was a little girl, but only as an inner knowledge of something that I KNEW, without realizing what it really was. My parents were atheists and almost ridiculed believers of any kind, and this harsh attitude affected me much like the unkind and unloving ways did. I was “the black sheep” of the whole family and felt split up inside. How could little, strange, stupid, insignificant me think that I KNEW and so many others obviously did not know – and I got embarassed over myself. I loved them all but they obviously did’nt love eachother much. I had clear experiences of my I AM and I felt completely peaceful and loved when I was alone – especially in my outdoor life in nature. When I went into a wood my heavy bag of fear and sorrow stayed outside – but came back on my shoulders when I got close to my home again. With my hormones came a difficult time – more split! – and I was very much influenced by my ego for many years! Oh yeah! But I got kids and that is an education in non-egoistic behaviour. I still suffered as the “horrible black sheep”, alone and strange among other people but still loved inside myself. One thing I did well was painting and writing and playing the piano. I wrote poems from an early age and later on spiritual poems and things and I tried to be more loving and unselfish all the time. Some years ago I Am told me to work on non-resistence and a few years later inspired me to focus more upon faith and confidence. I knew it ment faith in God in me and others. I no longer wanted to participate in the insaneity I saw and one day I asked God for help and told Him I would “walk the way at no matter what cost”. My life took a turn, I met new people and ad friend of mine lend me “ACIM”. It was a revelation to me and so confirming. Really a Miracle. Then she lend me Gary Renards books – and eventually YOU came into my life! I have cried so many tears of gratitude, you are so loving, so clear, so strong and so honest. The Pledge is the most wonderful reminder and inspiration – and I love our daily “Spiritual Espresso”. I have listened and relistened to the Tele-Classes and Homework Calls and LOVE it! It is so inspiring and clearifying. My life-circumstances are not easy but I see it all as means to grow an become free and with you – and all the other teachers’ loving help an support I now feel I am really moving forward. I feel so humble seeing and experiencing your gigantic work and effort in lightening the way for all of us and I learn SO much from your dedication and activity. You walk the talk! No more shall fear and all the ego’s pity ways delay my walking the way of Love and Light! Words fail here – but in humble gratitude I thank you and bless you and love you. And so it is. Amen – amen – amen. Yours allways, Trine Ursin

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