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July 25, 2011

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I have to laugh at myself.  And fortunately I have a sense of  humor and I CAN laugh at myself now.  That didn’t used to be the case (by a long shot).  I have acquired humility over the years and it’s been hard won.  I acquired much of my humility the old fashioned way – through a seemingly endless string of painful humiliations. Now that it’s over I am so grateful I can laugh about it.  My gratitude was a long time in coming, and now that it’s here I celebrate.  That’s a big part of my prosperity.

For the LONGEST time, many hard and painful years, even though I understood the law of cause and effect on an intellectual basis, I continued to think thoughts that could only bring me what I didn’t truly want.  I would pray for abundance and then think thoughts of limitation and lack all day long.  I did that for years.

This is why, now that I have more clarity, I must share.  I must be devoted to truth.  It’s so precious to me.  I have come to be grateful for every morsel of learning, insight and wisdom that I have been able to piece together.  That is the true GOLD in my life.  It IS the pearl above price.

The peace, the harmony, the clarity and so much more -these benefits I enjoy now, are so valuable to me. They all came from my commitment to my spiritual practice.  It’s a true commitment – not just for show.  It’s a deep longing to know God above all else.  It is the longing to LOVE with complete purity.  I aspire to be pristine in all my thoughts and choices – in every moment – because I know that’s how I align with my Divinity and there is no other way.  Through spiritual practice and devotion I have been able to cleanse my mind.

This is true prosperity – a healed mind.  There is no greater attainment.  How grateful I am that I know that now and cannot be fooled again.  Thank GOD for the truth that sets us free from ALL suffering!

I AM free to know true prosperity.  I choose freedom.

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  1. I am very thankful to have your Daily Spiritual Espresso’s. Your a wonderful delight to my everyday thoughts. I look forward to what you have written next.
    Thank you Jennifer, for your daily blessings.

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