Self-Confidence comes from Mastery

July 14, 2011

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What I know for sure is that our sense of self-confidence comes from being masterful.  That’s part of why I was guided and inspired to create the year long Masterful Living Course (the next one begins in January 2012).  When you make the decision to become truly masterful, everything in your life will change – and I do mean everything.

It’s so wonderful to have discovered for myself the ease and the grace that truly can exist for us.  There is a harmony that is not related to circumstances.  There is a joy that is unconditional and unprecedented.  In fact these spiritual qualities and ALL spiritual qualities are always present, omni-present, omni-active and always available for us to experience.  They are our true nature.  It’s our true nature to live in the flow of the ALL GOOD.  If you’re not experiencing that every day then it’s because you have abdicated your spiritual authority.  If you hand over your spiritual authority to the whims and fancies of others you’ll always feel insecure and unmasterful.

It takes discipline to reclaim spiritual sovereignty and live masterfully.  It’s not easy, but it is SO COMPLETELY POSSIBLE when you’re willing and when you live in partnership.  Partner UP!  Cultivate the willingness.  Develop the discipline.

Start with making a commitment to pray every day.  To be grateful every day.  That’s why I write this blog.  Let’s do it together!  We ARE doing it together!  Yes!

I AM willing to be willing.  I AM that I AM.


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