Self nurturing is your responsibility

July 15, 2011

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When I was in my twenties I started my spiritual studies and began to meditate.  I had some very profound realizations right away.  One thing about myself became clear – I am a student.  Above all else, I am a learner.  In my year-long Masterful Living Course one of the things that we work with is archetypes.  I most identify with the archetype of the learner.  I am one who loves to learn.

I feel so profoundly grateful anytime I can learn something that improves the quality of my life.  As a student, I’ve learned that the quality of the learning depends on the quality of the questions I’m asking.  The quality of the question depends on the “space” from which I’m asking.  Am I identified with the ego or the Spirit when I am asking the question?

As an Agape Practioner in-training – back in the 90’s – I started asking about self-nurturing in relationship to being of service.  I noticed that so many people around me, whom I loved and admired, were in the habit of over-giving, over-extending and over-volunteering.  I could see how depleted that had become. Their radiance was dimmed.  Their luminosity wasn’t showing.  They didn’t seem to be really progressing in their deepening spiritual awareness.

I began to make an inquiry into what that was about.  I saw myself in them.  I saw how tempting it was to give (in service) in order to GET that feeling of validation. It felt to me that this was unhealthy.  I felt that my giving service to get approval was perpetuating the belief that I wasn’t good enough and that I need external validation.  I decided to heal this in myself so that I could have a healthier life and so that I could continue on into ministry.  I was interested in being the kind of minister, spiritual leader, teacher who gave from the overflow.  I was committed to nurturing my own radiance so that I could model the benefits of cultivating one’s own luminosity.

Soon the temptation to over-give and over-serve fell away.  I was learning to love myself and honor myself at the deepest levels I was becoming a better teacher.

I encourage you to make the commitment to give a higher level of service in your own life by being willing to model healthy giving.  Evaluate the space from which you decide to give to others.  Release any habit you have of giving to get, to fill yourself up.  If you’re giving to get then you don’t realize that you already have – and that’s what you’re teaching. The Kingdom is within.  It’s pre-installed.  Teach that!

Self-nurturing is essential to my daily spiritual practice. 

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  1. My cup runneth over with love, for You and the wisdom you share. Thanks for sharing your practice of giving from the overflow. You are truly a teacher who gives from her overflow and we all benefit from your abundance of wisdom. With much appreciation,

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