A Holy Offering

August 18, 2011

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Along this journey of awakening, I FINALLY decided to become wholly invested in learning how to offer up the opinions, judgments and attack thoughts that I’d been clinging to with such vigilance. I learned to make these thoughts of separation into a Holy Offering of devotion to Love Itself. I was no longer interested in separation. I found myself in a vortex of healing and awakening that was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. As challenging as it was, I felt in my heart that it wouldn’t last forever. Nonetheless, it lasted for years and was excruciating. It was so painful because I wasn’t yet fully committed. I resisted being truly devoted. I still valued my attack thoughts.

It was not easy for me and that is why I am so grateful to share with you. It was so challenging for me, like climbing a vertical wall of sheer rock without a net. There were times when every day it felt like life or death. It was life and death for the ego!! Yet, there was also a clear awareness that I wasn’t alone. As gut wrenching as it was at times, I felt profound support in the invisible that was always with me. I learned that all I needed to do was ask. I learned to ask hundreds of times a day. I began to offer the thoughts of separation hundreds of times a day. I began to have miraculous healing experiences in my mind and in all of my relationships.
I’m so grateful that I chose to experiment in my life and to PROVE God in my own experiences. The proof is in and now I KNOW that the law of cause and effect is always working for my good. I am so grateful to offer all that no longer serves me and to share the benefits of my healing and my expansion with everyone!

I AM free to love. I am free forever!


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